Project 2 Event Ad

By Tiffany Contreras

P2Tiffany Contreras (1)-page-001

Description: This is a full-bleed, color event ad to encourage BYU-Idaho students and their families of all ages to attend a pizza party dinner that the BYU-Idaho Communications Department is holding, to which all proceeds will go. This ad was made in Microsoft Word, with the image scanned from an EPSON scanner.

Process (Programs, Tools, Skills): I began this project by scanning an image of pizza on a plate from a magazine that was promoting the plate with an EPSON scanner. I imported the scanned image into Microsoft Word, made it larger, and turned it a little to the right so that the focus would be on the pizza – rather than on the plate – and still be catchy. I chose two different fonts to make the ad have more of a fun feel to it so that it would grab the audience’s attention as a fun event. I made sure to keep alignment of the words to keep everything organized and unified. When I completed the project, I converted the Microsoft Word document into a PDF, then I used to convert the PDF into a JPEG. I used that website to convert the document and the scanned image into a JPEG.

Message: My message is to encourage students and their families of all ages to attend this pizza dinner that is only $5, with all proceeds going to the BYU-Idaho Communications Department so they could invest in more necessities for their division.

Audience: My goal is to reach an audience of all ages. BYU-Idaho students will tell their families about the dinner, and then their families will attend the dinner. Everyone gets in at $5, regardless of age.

Color scheme and color names: I used the Complimentary color scheme, with a secondary color of orange. I used these colors in the title, body copy, and triangles in the border.

Top Thing Learned: I learned many things while doing this project, two of which are scanning and designing in Microsoft Word. I had never scanned an image before this project. I learned about pixels, resolution, and how each of them is vital. I didn’t realize all of the designing effects that Microsoft Word has, so learning about those helped a lot with this project. I learned that designing just takes time, patience, and a creative imagination. I also learned about color schemes. I had heard about color schemes, but never fully understood them. Additionally, I learned about the different categories of color schemes.

Title Font Name & Category: Title: Harrington – Decorative

Copy Font Name & Category: Comic Sans – Sans-serif

Scanned images used, sources, original sizes, location of scanner used: I scanned this image from the January 2014 Real Simple: How to Live the Balanced Life magazine. The image originally was 5″ x 5″. I scanned it at 150 resolution so that it would be larger when I edited it in Microsoft Word. The final scan of the image is 1152″ x 1192″.

P2TiffanyContreras Scan-page-001

3 thoughts on “Project 2 Event Ad

  1. Tiffany, your event ad looks great! I think you did a great job with the primary purpose to encourage families and friends to attend the pizza dinner. The ad looks very professional and the image is sized great. I really liked the image you chose and the color scheme you decided on. I like the use of white space and the placement of your text. The alignments is great and leads my eye down the page where the text is. All together it looks incredible! When looking though other event ad projects I enjoyed Nicholette’s event ad, If you have the opportunity check her’s out at


  2. Tiffany, I really like the event ad that you came up with. I think that the picture that you used accurately describes the event that you are advertising for. I think that your color scheme that you used really ties everything in really well. I think that the spacing of your information is well place. Great job on your project!

    Here is a link to my blog!


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