Project 3: Photodesign


Description: This image demonstrates outside lighting in photography during early afternoon when the natural light was at its brightest, as well as Photoshop editing, to deliver a specific message.

Process (Programs, Tools, Skills): I decided upon a color scheme before I took this photo. I chose on a lime triadic color scheme, which led me to choose to take this photo on a DSLR Cannon camera. The statue of the child reading is surrounded by different shades of green in the grass, which allowed me to have a more diverse selection in the color of the text, as well. After I took the photo, I imported it into Adobe Photoshop. I began my editing process by changing the levels of the photo to make it brighter, but also have a natural look. Following, I edited the saturation and sharpness to blend together. I noticed that if I had too high of a saturation, the sharpness made it look less natural and more edited. This led me to decrease the saturation and sharpness by a few levels to balance each other out. Moreover, I edited the vibrance to give the photo a nicer feel. I also edited selective colors and color balance to brighten certain colors and make others stand out. I also provided boxes in the background by laying them underneath the image. This is when I provided more colors from my color scheme. After I input the text and had completed my project, I noticed that the photo wasn’t as attention-grabbing as its background distractions. As a result, I used the Gaussian Blue affect to slightly blur the background of the image and keep the statue of the child more in focus. Additionally, I used color swatches to keep the text in the color scheme. I accomplished this by using the eye dropper to match certain colors from the photo to allow proximity.

Message: The message that I am trying to deliver is to encourage students to read more. Many students feel that they read enough in textbooks and in classes. This image displays that books can be carried in the pocket just as cell phones are carried in the pocket. If one were to choose to read instead of to be on his or her phone, the results would be more rewarding.

Audience: The audience that I am trying to capture is BYU-Idaho students between 18 and 25 years old. I believe the location of the statue was perfect for the audience because many students spend time doing their homework on the grass or around campus — they would see this statue and be encouraged, even for a few moments.

Top Thing Learned: The thing that I learned the most was the different editing affects in Photoshop. I learned how to brighten an image, crop elements out of an image, and incorporate a color scheme into an image. In addition, I learned how to use layers appropriately and accordingly in Photoshop. I had never used layers before this project, and now I know of their vital importance.

Color scheme and color names: Lime – Triadic

Title Font Name & Category: Apple Chancery Chancery – Script

Copy Font Name & Category: Comic Sans (Lime – Triadic) – Sans-Serif

Thumbnail of original, unedited image inserted


Date and location you took the photo: I took this photo near the Crossroads at the BYU-Idaho campus on Oct. 15.



3 thoughts on “Project 3: Photodesign

  1. Tiffany you did a great job. First off your picture is amazing. It seems like you put some great thought into the picture that you took and the message that you wanted to give to the audience. Your color scheme is also very good. The way you used the colors from the photo was very good. The color green was also a good choice. I thought you also had great negative space. Great job. Here’s mine and Mitch’s website


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