Project 6 Stationery

By Tiffany Contreras






Description: I created this business card and letterhead by creating a logo that appropriately applied with what the company is about — polaroid photography and photos.

Process (Programs, Tools, Skills)I began this project by creating a logo in Adobe Illustrator. I used the rounded rectangle to create the camera, as well as the rectangles inside of it. In addition, I used the pathfinder to blend each shape together to give it a more natural look. I also created a polaroid photo in Illustrator. When I finished the logo and photo, I opened a document in Adobe InDesign and placed the logo and polaroid photo in the document. I created two rectangles for the business cards – one for the front side and one for the back side. I entered my company name and contact information, as well as the polaroid photo in the background and the camera logo in the polaroid. Since the company’s name is Polaroid Lover’s Club, I made the streaks on the camera pink, as well as putting a heart on the camera. Afterward, I created a letterhead with consistent title themes and polaroid photos in the background. I decreased the opacity to make words easier to read when typed onto the letterhead. I put the same information on the letterhead that I put on the business cards, with the exception of my name on the address of the letterhead. I put a low-opacity box behind the text at the top and bottom of the letterhead and allowed a full bleed. This allowed proximity, alignment, and repetition. I kept simplicity between the business cards and letterhead by keeping the items at a low opacity and a simple font. The programs and tools that I used are Adobe Illustrator and Adobe InDesign.

Message: Polaroid Lover’s Club is a group of people who enjoy taking polaroid photos because of the 80s it contains. The camera is meant to symolize the polaroid camera, the photos are meant to symbolize the polaroid print after the camera takes the photo, and the heart is meant to symbolize love from the company’s title. I believe that the heart symbolizes the company name and people’s love for polaroids.

Audience:  The audience I’m trying to reach is people from the 80s who used polaroids and people today who enjoy photography and polaroids.

Top things learned: The top thing I learned is how to create business cards and a letterhead, using both Adobe Illustrator and Adobe InDesign. I also learned how to use both programs together and operate the different quality levels of logos from Illustrator in InDesign.

Color scheme and color names: Big Split Complementary – Brick

Title Font Name & Category: Times New Roman – Old Style typeface

Copy Font Name & Category: Times New Roman – Old Style typeface


One thought on “Project 6 Stationery

  1. Tiffany, Great Job on your stationary project!! I love the period camera’s! I think your design is awesome and I love how Incorporated the camera on the letter head. I also like the icons for the social media sites. I love your use of white space and the typography you decided to use. I also like the alignment on the letter head. I think over all you did a fantastic job! If you get a chance go check out Nicholette’s business card and letter head at I think she did a great job as well.


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