QR Codes

One thing that I think will help me as a Communications major is to include a QR Code within my resume. I think it’s important to start building my resume right now while I’m still in school, and including a QR Code for future employers to immediately see my resume might increase my chances of being hired. The reason a QR Code will increase my chances is that it will stand out from the rest of the resumes. Whether they choose to scan it, they’ll notice that it’s different from other resumes, which will show them that I can think outside of the box.

The second thing that I think will help me is to run a print advertisement in a trade show program or local newspaper, which links to my blog’s “Hire Me” page. I believe this will work because, as stated on the website, my industry might be looking at the ads while seeking help. If they see that I’m the only one running an ad, they might find that unique and choose to hire me.

The third thing that I find helpful is to include a QR Code on a business card, which links to my contact page on my website. This is helpful because all the employer has to do is scan the code and they’ll be directly linked to my contact information.

A fourth useful item is if I don’t want to link my “Hire Me” page to an ad or business card, I could include a specific blog post that I want the employer to see. This will give him a demonstration of what my work is like.

The fifth helpful item I liked was the QR Codes are available for smart phones. I think this is a great tool because I want to update my Code but am not accessible to a computer, I could update it on my phone and the employer will see the updated version. It will also help him/her to access my resume on the go, as well.

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