Public Relations Student Society of America (PRSSA)

The Public Relations Student Society of America website is very helpful to me as a Communications major because it teaches me all that I need to know about PR and the Student Society. For example, when I visit the website I see the purpose of this website and reason why this association is important – to see the planned events, meetings and connection between peers and professionals.

The second thing that stood out to me that I find helpful is the ‘Enhance Your Education’ section. I found it really useful how it tells us that PRSSA offers us the opportunity to expand our portfolios and resumes, apply for many scholarships, and enhance our knowledge about public relations. This instantly showed me that this association gives a great opportunity for people who are involved for internships, jobs and future careers.

I really found the ‘Scholarships and Competitions’ section useful because it lists what all of our opportunities are with both scholarships and competitions. This helps me to be prepared if I wanted to apply for either one, so these descriptions and dates help Communication students to know of these events and to be prepared, academically and professionally.

As Communications majors and potential members of the PRSSA, we would have access to case studies of their parent organization, PRSA. These case studies would help us in our everyday lives of PR, as well as in our efforts to enhance our knowledge in our careers. Having this knowledge would allow us to be better PR representatives by knowing what our customers want and are looking for.

I really liked the ‘PR Certification Program’ section because it tells us of all the requirements to receive a certificate. This is important to know if we want to earn that certificate, Bachelor’s or Master’s degree. There are many businesses to work for in regard to PR, so this information is very helpful for us to know, as Communication majors.

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