Public Relations

Brother Cannon spoke about the importance of Public Relations Student Society of America. This is an organization on campus that meets every Thursdays at 2 p.m. Public Relations is an education: educating people of what we do. Writing is the most important part of public relations. The PR representatives are the ones who write content on websites. They also have to be great researchers. When you work for a company, you have to have their support in order to operate; you have to to treat customers nicely so they’ll return. Employers are important because they could gossip about your company, if not treated well. The employee is more reliable than the company on feedback. The government is important because they could shut your company down. We have to educate them too; they could raise taxes on the company. “Lobbying” is when you ask the government for support. Stock-holders can shut your company down. They could start selling the stock. We need to communicate them. Media can tell the world about your company Indirectly, they can shut your company down. Two places to work in PR are in a mine or at a PR/Ad firm. If you’re working for a PR/Ad firm, you might be doing something for a mine, Target, Dial Soap, or National Park. If you’re passionate about something, go to work there.

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